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About Me

I live in Perth, Western Australia. I'm a geek, I love technology, Batman, cartoons and I have been known to play WOW. I have a level 85 Mage, though I tend to get a bit obsessed with games so I'm trying to avoid it at the moment.

I studied for five years at uni and managed to acquire two degrees, Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Multimedia from Murdoch University.

I have worked and as a designer and researcher for Murdoch University for a number of their virtual world projects, and was also Online Manager for a PR company for 3 1/2 years. I also ran a freelance business for a time, but found it difficult to maintain with a full time job.

I currently work as a Front End Developer for The Brand Agency in Perth. I was one of the early members of the team, and actually started as a Project Manager. Eventually I realised that my passion was not in managing but in creating, and was able to transition into back into a development role.

I love technology, and the things people can achieve with it.